Complete data set at SAMD

The observation data from the FESSTVaL campaign and the FESST@home measurements are available on the SAMD archive of the CEN Integrated Climate Data Center:

FESSTVaL Kampagnen : Integrated Climate Data Center : Universität Hamburg (

Data policy and data standard

Data sets FESSTVaL 2021

  • Burgemeister, Finn, Clemens, Marco, & Ament, Felix. (2022): Rainfall rates estimated from X-Band radar observations during FESSTVaL 2021 (Version 0) [Data set].

  • Dewani, Noviana, & Leinweber, Ronny. (2022). Vertical velocity data from vertical stare Doppler lidar, Falkenberg, FESSTVaL campaign 2020/2021 (Version 00) [Data set].

  • Kirsch, Bastian, Hohenegger, Cathy, Klocke, Daniel, & Ament, Felix. (2022): Meteorological network observations by APOLLO and WXT weather stations during FESSTVaL 2021 (Version 00-2) [Data set].

  • Kirsch, Bastian, Stiehle, Bernhard, Löhnert, Ulrich, & Ament, Felix. (2022). Radiosonde profile measurements during FESSTVaL 2021 (Version 00) [Data set].

  • Lange, Ingo, & Ament, Felix. (2022). Standard meteorology Pressure, Temperature, Humidity, Radiation fluxes and Soil Heat Flux, and Turbulent fluxes (2021) from FESSTVaL Supersite in Birkholz, Germany (Version 00) [Data set].

  • Löhnert, Ulrich, Knist, Christine, Böck, Tobias, & Pospichal, Bernhard (2022): Microwave Radiometer Observations during FESSTVaL 2021 (Version 00) [Data set].

  • Mol, Wouter, & Heusinkveld, Bert. (2022). Radiometer grid at Falkenberg and surroundings, downwelling shortwave radiation, FESSTVaL campaign (Version 1) [Data set].

  • Päschke, Eileen. (2022). FESSTVaL Falkenberg Doppler lidar 30 minutes mean wind and turbulence profiles (Version 01) [Data set].

  • Turner, Dave, & Rochette, Luc. (2022): Thermodynamic retrieved profiles from the ASSIST infrared spectrometer, FESSTVaL campaign (Version 01) [Data set].

  • Wildmann, Norman (2022): Multicopter UAS measurements at GM Falkenberg during FESSTVaL 2021 (Version 0) [Data set],


Data sets FESST@home 2020 and pre-campaign 2019

  • Kirsch, B., Hohenegger, C., Klocke, D., Senke, R., Offermann, M., Ament, F. (2021): FESST@HH meteorological network measurements (Version v00) [Data set], 

  • Steinheuer, J., Detring, C., Kayser, M., and Leinweber, R. (2021b): Doppler wind lidar wind and gust data from FESSTVaL 2019/2020, Falkenberg, data version 01, ICDC,

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