FESSTVaL Summer School

Observing and understanding submesoscale atmospheric dynamics

13-24 July 2020

Near Berlin, Germany, area around Scharmützelsee (Brandenburg) / at the Meteorological Observatorium Lindenberg – Richard-Aßmann Observatorium

For whom?
MSc and PhD students, and Postdocs in meteorology, physics and related research areas. Fluency in English is mandatory.

With whom?
national and international experts, e.g.

  • Sara C. Pryor, Cornell University Ithaca, USA
  • Irina Sandu, ECMWF
  • Dave Turner, NOAA-ESRL, USA
  • Felix Ament, University of Hamburg
  • Frank Beyrich, German Meteorological Service DWD
  • Susanne Crewell, University Köln
  • Cathy Hohenegger,  Max-Planck-Institute for Meteorology
  • Daniel Klocke, German Meteorological Service DWD
  • Henning Rust, Freie Universität Berlin
  • Linda Schlemmer, German Meteorological Service DWD

seminars and group work on different topics:

  • convective scale observations from different platforms
    • Operational and experimental surface & airborne in-situ measurements
    • Satellite observations on the convective scale - current and future potential
    • Radar for convective precipitation characterization
    • Thermodynamic and wind profiling based on ground-based remote sensing
    • Sensing the atmosphere with low cost „Internet of Things“ technology
    • Ground based remote sensing
    • Flux measurements
  • sub-mesoscale dynamics and modeling
    • Cold pool dynamics, Clouds and Convection
    • An Introduction to the coupled land-atmospheric boundary layer system
    • Data Assimilation
    • Confronting models with observations – model evaluation

The summer school includes ten lecture days, an excursion day and one day off. The compilation of different exercises, project work in groups, lectures, daily weather briefing and excursions offers the participants a variety of opportunities to work with measurement data and modeling.
Find an exemplary schedule at "Downloads"

Accomodation will be in double rooms at "Ferienhäuser Scharmützelsee", Wendisch Rietz in multi-person cottages (www.ferienpark-scharmuetzelsee.de/unterkuenfte).

The approximate costs for participation, including accomodation, registration fee, breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks, and local transportation can be found in the official Call for Applications at "Downloads". A limited number of grants are available to support the attendance of selected participants, with priority given to participants from developing countries.

The decision on travel grants will be made in conjunction with the decision of applications for the summer school, i.e. after the deadline for application. Please apply for the grand together with the application for the summer school.



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