Sequential format for the FESSTVaL Summer School in 2021

Concept in Development!

The FESSTVaL Summer School 2020 had to be cancelled due to measures to contain the Corona pandemic. We now seek for a new format for 2021 robust enough to be compatible with measures which might be still active in spring and summer 2021. The proposed format is as follows:

In the period from mid May to the end of July, we host one group of students per week (8 groups in total) with a maximum of 4 participants per week at the Meteorological Observatory in Lindenberg near Berlin. During this week, the group works on a scientific project suggested by the organising team. Results of the projects are presented within the frame of the FESSTVaL Virtual Summer Seminar on each Friday afternoon. Project supervisors are also on site to assist the groups. Additionally, a dedicated lecture will be given on each Monday within the frame of the FESSTVaL Lecture Series. Both, the FESSTVaL Lecture Series and FESSTVaL Virtual Summer Seminar are live broadcasted, recorded and open for online participation for those students not being on site. FESSTVaL Virtual Summer Seminars take place on 8 - 10 consecutive dates, once a week.


Tentative Weekly Schedule




Project Work

Project Work

Project Work

Project presentation

EveningWelcome    Pictures, BBQ 


Summer School Schedule

Calendar WeekDateGroupLecturerSupervisorComment
2017.05.2021 – 23.05.2021   

Summer School Kick-off with a FESSTVaL overview talk, a first lecture and a virtual ice-breaker with all students (all groups), lecturers and supervisors in cyberspace.

2124.05.2021 – 30.05.2021   Pentecost — no group arrival
2231.05.2021 – 06.06.20211  First group arrives
2307.06.2021 – 13.06.20212   
2414.06.2021 – 26.06.20213   
2521.06.2021 – 27.06.20214   
2628.06.2021 – 10.07.20215   
2705.07.2021 – 11.07.20216   
2812.07.2021 – 18.07.20217   
2919.07.2021 – 25.07.20218  Last group arrives
3026.07.2021 – 31.07.2021   


3101.08.2021 – 07.08.2021   Virtual final meeting of all participants


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